Friday, May 16, 2008

The Vicar is in

A few years ago a mate, observing how much ministry I got through when popping down to the pub for a beer, gave me a desk-top name-holder to put on the pub table. It said 'the Vicar is in.' He explained that it would help people to know if I was in the pub available to talk or simply trying to have a quiet drink of a lunchtime whilst reading the Guardian.

The gift was one of the things that mysteriously vanished when I moved house.

Last week I returned to Leamington Spa to see a couple of friends on my day off and popped into St Paul's. There, on my old desk was the sign. 'The Vicar is out.'

My job at St Paul's was never replaced after I left and so my desk also became redundant. I did wonder how many visitors to the office suite (OK room) had sat talking to someone else whilst wondering where the vicar had been all this time and why his/her desk was attracting so much clutter.

But now I have my sign back. I am only aware of one more missing item, the hood that I was given on getting my theology degree which, very occasionally, is required dress for various ecclesiastical occasions. Bothered.


Mike Peatman said...

I'm sure they miss you Steve (especially the beer sales)

There are several items I think previous parishes inherited from me, but I can't remember what they are.

Mr Gnome said...

Hood stress?

Call the counsellors!

I go nowhere without mine.