Monday, May 19, 2008

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

This poem made its debut at Cafe Create last Friday. I've tweaked it in the light of how tricky it was to perform accurately so it might not be quite as you recall it, if you were there:

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

If I cut short all of my fringe
It still would not rhyme with orange
And if my gout it gives a twinge
It doesn’t yet rhyme with orange
And if my children start to whinge
They don’t do it rhyming orange
And if colloquially I minge
It meanly won’t rhyme with orange
And if my paints a funny tinge
It must be something not orange
I drink the health – a massive binge -
Of words that don’t rhyme with orange
Committed to the flames I singe
Martyred not rhyming orange
And where I’m now, not dark nor dingy
Hot as hell - vaguely orangey.

St May 2008

1 comment:

Mr Gnome said...

To join this jolly rhyming dance
I took myself to southern France
Where the ancient city of Orange
Rhymes perfectly with pink blancmange.