Friday, May 30, 2008

New Football Rules

Since such a large number of influential FIFA members drop in to this blog regularly (yeah right) I thought it would be good to publish my recommended changes to the rules of football this year:
1. Hold a penalty shoot-out between the end of normal time and the beginning of extra time. Award half a goal to the winners. I have heard several people advocate variations on this theme and it is a good one. People love the excitement of penalties but hate the immediacy of failure.

2. If a player is fouled and exaggerates the result of the foul he can be awarded a free-kick and also booked for unsporting behaviour.

3. A side conceding a goal can kick off again as soon as they like, regardless of whether the opponents are back in their own half. Now let's see those excessive, shirt-removing celebrations brought down to earth.

1 comment:

Ali said...

Oh, I SO agree with 2 and 3!!! Not a football fan by any measure, one of the things I particularly dislike about footballers is the excessive play-acting at being hurt when someone bumps into them. Makes me want to rugby tackle the life out of them.