Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fund Raising

I was going to be kidnapped. I know you don't normally get notice of this but the young people in my church were going to kidnap me and ask for a ransom from the congregation to raise funds for various charities before they will return me. I have pointed out the one, not insignificant, flaw in their reasoning and the rules have now changed.

The young people have made various additions and alterations to some ordinary neckties. They are going to display the ties and then place donation baskets under each one. The tie that raises the most money is the one I will have to wear to conduct our worship one morning.

I was thinking of this as I read the blog of new vicar Kathryn, discovering that as she is in charge she can make minor alterations to the choreography and liturgy without asking. I seem to work with a church who can make minor alterations to me without asking.

I wouldn't have it any other way and Trendlewood Church is a splendid place to be. I expect there will be photos of the tie.

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Anonymous said...

sounds exciting.
the sign of a thriving organisation is where the populous make changes 'without asking' and they are good changes.