Thursday, May 01, 2008


Yesterday was Freecycle's fifth birthday.

The first email announcing the founding of The Freecycle Network was sent on May 1st, 2003. They just broke the 5 million member mark globally.

There are 10,000 volunteers globally and over 5 million members in 85 countries.

If you haven't experienced the joy of giving something away that you no longer need (but which still works) then join in. You are encouraged, on joining a network, to give before you get, but it is a good place to pick up things.


Ali said...

This is a great concept. A friend got a kitchen through this site. I was a bit sceptical when I heard, thought it had to be something out of the ark with bits missing. But it was actually newer and more modern than my current kitchen!

Of course, theres a lot of tat in there too.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the things that people advertise that do get taken.
We have managed to get rid of several pieces of furniture this way and feel glad they didn't end up in landfill.
Haven't managed to get anything yet though.