Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tips for Coping with Life Number 1452

You're typing away and the enabled spell-checker places a red wavy line under a few words of your previous few sentences. Assuming you don't have auto-correct also enabled, for therein lies danger in the extreme and a world where all your typos become words you didn't mean, what do you do?

Well many of us right-click on the word and select from the options on the drop-down menu. Here's my tip. Unless it's an obvious typo - in which case proceed as sentence one of this paragraph recommends - try and correct the spelling before studying the options. That was how you learned spelling in the first place, very probably, by writing out your corrections three times at the behest of a teacher who we now learn almost certainly didn't have over-sized clothes with coffee stains that was a libel, sorry.

If you carry out the correction manually there is more chance that you will learn to spell the word.

By the way it is very difficult to use this method with the blogger spell-checker, which can't tell when you've corrected a word if you don't choose one of its options. Create in MSWord (or whatever you use) and paste to blogger.

That will be twenty guineas.


Martin said...

I use the spell checker in Firefox, which can actually tell that you've changed a word and thus remove its dotted red line, and is in fact also available from this very comment box.

Also, with the t9 predictive text on my phone, I will often for difficult words try a different combination of letters to get the dictionary to pick up the right word if possible, rather than manually entering something wrong. If it's not in the dictionary on the phone after several attempts then I may add the word, so I hope I give it enough attempts first (normally about 3 goes gets it).

Andy said...

Thnaks for the abvice....