Monday, April 07, 2008

Priority Visits

What do you think, and this is a genuine question no strings attached, is the correct order of priority for professional visitors to your house? If you were busy with the insurance salesperson would you break off to let the window cleaner in the back garden? Would you be happy for someone to read the electricity meter while you were occupied with the estate agent?

I ask because of this circumstance today. I had a baptism visit at 4.30. That is to say a family had enquired about having a child baptised (or christened) and I had made a specific appointment to discuss the matter.

I arrived punctually and had got little further than accepting a brew when the bell rang again. It was the health visitor. She was 30 minutes late for her 4 o'clock appointment. When it became obvious that this visitor was going to go through all the checks she had called to do on the baby no matter what, I offered to go away and come back later. This offer was refused with a cheery 'It's alright' but then I was expected to simply wait until the health visitor had finished.

I had no problem since you learn a lot from just watching, but it got me thinking. Is there a pecking order in which common courtesy is shown to professional visitors? How low are the clergy?


Martin said...

Two ways to approach...

1. See the least patient of the professional visitors first.

2. See the most patient of the professional visitors first.

fotofill said...

Wasn't there a day when "the vicar" turned up he would be treated like royalty?

Hannah said...

Does it not depend on whether they are a family used to having the vicar round and so therefore would either make them a priority or a not priority.

The latter seems to apply to your case!!

Andy said...

Is this one of those rare opportunities when the phrase 'more tea vicar?' can be appropriately used?

The CPAS Church Leadership Blog said...
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