Monday, April 14, 2008

Maths of the Day (with philosophy and statistics)

1. On the diagram of a football pitch in front of you please shade in:

a) The goalkeeper's corridor of uncertainty.
b) The channels.
c) The hole(s).
d) The middle of the park.
e) Box to box
f) Deep

2. Explain with diagrams the difference between sitting in and getting in tight.

3. When is a bad time to score?

4. Is it unlucky or a lack of ability to hit the post or bar .

5. If on average there are 20 free kicks per game and the ball spends 13% of its time in the penalty area. How many penalties would you expect per game? Explain how and why this might vary from the amount actually awarded?

6. How many goals per match day cigarette does Dimitar Berbatov score?

7. A full blooded Michael Owen volley has just hit David James in the head. Who would you expect to be smiling?


Mike Peatman said...

1) I've coloured in the entire pitch.

2) That's all about attitude.

3) Want a clean and funny answer to this question, but can't think of it.

4) That's all about the crossbar / post being in the wrong place for the shot.

5) Depends if they are in Liverpool's area or not.

6) Too many (unless you're a Spurs fan)

7) the commentator.

jw said...

4 Unlucky, given the number of commentators who claim 'saved by the woodwork, lick of paint, etc.'

7 If you mean like this:|1&axs=0|80657709%2c80655223%2c80652872%2c80652868%2c80652782%2c80652148%2c80652146%2c80652145%2c80651829%2c80651613%2c80648568%2c80648011%2c80647775%2c80647500%2c80647399%2c80647225%2c80647100%2c80647075%2c80646347|0&id=80651829

then both:

Kev Webb said...

I would expect David James to be smiling, as he'll be playing in the cup final. Sorry couldn't resist that one.