Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today in Haiku

Before breakfast
All age remembrance writing

Breakfast with Phil
Mentoring ministry and
Bacon butties

Visit office
To sign some legal papers
Serious stuff

Visit Christ Church
Sort out the Alpha course food
Not many takers

Hour at home for
Emails and post (and thinking -
Well just a bit)

Lunch with MC
Youth work in safe hands for sure
Lemon and lime

Next stop dentists
Shouldn't have eaten onions
With my sandwich

Open wide Mr T
Hygienists instruments probe,
Scrape and polish

Film Club Extra
Chocolat is next I see
Good film for Lent

Day off is next
Need to clear my desk before
I can relax


Anonymous said...

So are we going to have tomorrow in cinquaine?


Anonymous said...

are not haikus three
lines, five, seven then five
syllables each? Jon.