Monday, March 31, 2008

Sod's Law

Just when you think things can't get any worse. OK nobody died. But yesterday we managed the sort of morning meeting where we crammed all our possible errors into one day.

I arrived my usual 30 minutes before the start to join a queue of cars waiting to get into the locked car-park. Of all the people to miss the clock's going forward - the school caretakers.

This meant we didn't have time to set up a PA for the band who were one singer down already and so the keyboard was replaced by the school's out-of-tune piano.

Between home and the school I was told the new songs' lyrics and some new verses and responses had been lost from the laptop.

The coffee urn decided that its tap was going to refuse to co-operate.

The leader of one of the children's groups was unwell.

But hey. We had no newcomers. Fantastic. It's all about the next game not the last one.


Andy said...

> It's all about the next game not the last one.

Great attitude...going to remember that one.


Mr Gnome said...

If I was a newcomer, I would not have minded at all.

Anything woudl be better than my all-time-low service.

Woman asked if she could 'share a picture.'

Having been given the nod, she uttered: 'I see the angel of death hovering over Watford.'

Perhaps I misheard.

Maybe she said 'hoovering'....

Andy said...


Pluto said...

School caretakers? Don't start me!!