Monday, March 10, 2008

Fresh and Wild

Just a brief note to sing from the rooftops the praises of Fresh and Wild wholefood stores in Bristol. Wonderful, organic ingredients with fantastic service. Sample dialogue with assistant:

Us (Me 'n Dave): What is the least we can use a credit card for?
Assistant: Anything. I bought a single cookie last week. And I got staff discount.

Sample intervention from assistant: If you'd like to taste any of the cheeses just say and I'll cut you a bit.

And as we arrived we were greeted with an offering of a piece of fresh pineapple to taste and a suggested recipe for pineapple vodka.

Excellent lunch with nice juice-based drinks. Bought pasta sauce and had it for tea. Not communicating very well tonight but the food deserves better. Try it. Clifton Triangle opposite Borders and The Pier.


jw said...

Already found it. Great! Although you'll probably get more sense on it's full merits from the son-in-law.

Kev Webb said...

It's walkable at lunch time from where I work, but I have to limit my visits as I could spend a fortune!