Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In 2009 the Diocese of Bath and Wells will be 1100 years old. Founded towards the end of what archaeologists like to call the Dark Ages, and forgetting for a moment that there are bits of the Diocese that are still in the Dark Ages ecclesiologically, we will have been around for 1100 years.

To celebrate, Bishops will walk the bounds (going cautiously around the Longleat lion enclosure, no Daniels here), Glastonbury will host a celebration of great joy and probably a fair bit of poncing about in finery as it will be expected by some, a special beer will be brewed (more like it) and here in Nailsea we'll, we'll, we'll...

Well what? As Hope08 segues into Despair09 (this joke (C) Matt Clucas 2008) how will we celebrate? Any ideas please.

Here's my thought, although I promise I'm not just asking for your ideas in order to tell you how good mine is.

Could we find 1100 local Christians to pray together for 1100 seconds (just under 20 minutes) in Millennium Park? It would be tight. I reckon our churches are in touch with about 900.


fotofill said...

A good idea. But what would happen if you had 1101 people?

Rachel said...

Can I give Matthew Clucas a high-five for that line? I think it deserves a drumroll and cymbal accompaniment for certain.

dmk said...

it's such a pain that 11am on the 11th of month 11 is already taken...

I wonder if here in Yeovil we should re-enact the Battle of Babylon hill, where the locals beat the royalists from Sherborne, thus proving that it really was a good idea to put the two towns in separate dioceses all those years ago. Legend has it that Sherbornians pray 'deliver us from yeovil'.

Caroline Too said...

possibly you could celebrate the past 1100 years by
(a) rekindling the old monastic ways of seeking God
(b) putting into practice ways of doing church that might give it a sporting chance of being noticed in the next 1100 minutes

maybe the two would be related?