Friday, February 22, 2008

Grey Friday Feeling

I'm afraid I'm going to head for catharsis corner and get it out of my system by gibbering a bit . Don't feel you have to read.

Fact is I'm a bit irritated by the general greyness of today. It's not that almost bright, about to be less grey, grey. Neither is it that dark, foreboding, about to absolutely piss down grey. It isn't a still, quiet, solemn grey. Nor a windy, exciting, wonder what weather is around the corner grey. It is simply a bit breezy, a bit not bright, a bit not sombre and a bit not pre-storm. It's just grey. If it was moody grey it would be creative.

Today is one of those days when you are forced to look at England through grey-tinted glasses and wonder why we don't have as many words for grey as Nanook allegedly has for white stuff. We probably do. Dulux, I imagine, employ someone to think of names that aren't grey such as slate, ferric, stone or charcoal. But today even the bright blooms of cheerfulness in the garden are a greyey yellow.

If today was human it would be hanging around on a station platform in an unremarkable way wondering why the train was a bit late. Then the train would turn up so slightly behind schedule that one of the tuts of a tut tut would be unnecessary. Nobody would notice it board anyway.

I even put grey clothes on without thinking about it. Then I hurt my back a bit. Not enough to go to sleep with pain-killers. Not enough to see a doctor. Just a wee tweak which has made it unlikely that I will be moving swiftly for a couple of days. I watched a movie. Broken Flowers. Good in a grey sort of way. Now my prose is like a grey, grey something that doesn't rhyme with prose.

Soon it will be dark. But it will be a kind of grey dark. Starless, starless night; paint your palette grey and grey.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not depressed or anything. Grey is part of life's spectrum. I have no dog I need to shoot.

The only glimmer of good so far is the return of the blogger spell-checker, restored with as little explanation as it vanished and totally unable to decide how to help me with greyey.

May tomorrow dawn with a visible sun. Thank you. I don't feel better now but I feel that something important is done.


Ruth said...

Is greyey fundamentally different from greyish? (When in doubt, cop out!)

Mr Gnome said...


Hope you're feeling chirpier.

This link shoudl take you to last nights 'A Point of View' on Radio 4, which was all about 'grey'....

Anonymous said...

I've always been interested in the fact that people's perceptions of any occassion (in this case day of weather) vary so much.
On Friday even as your were posting your blog I was returning from seeing a friend who I haven't seen for about 12 months for various reasons although she lives nearby. We went out for a long (3 hour) lunch together and talked non stop. All possible because it was half term holiday for me.
If Friday was grey I didn't even notice!