Friday, February 15, 2008

Do Nothing

Once a month I have Film Cub Extra on a Friday. It only really works on a Friday so I abandon my day off and have two days off the following week. It's a nice pattern (for me) and is a bit like rediscovering what a weekend is like.

I am on day two of this 'weekend' today. Yesterday I did the chores and today I have nothing I must do apart from eat and breathe. Even eating is missable I guess.

Last year Stephen Cottrell's book, pictured right, got a bit of publicity. He advocates learning to stop in order to solve more problems and think more creatively. One of the strap lines is, 'Nurture your inner slob.'

Now I know that many of you are now thinking to yourselves, and indeed some are actually articulating it, 'Why does old slobface need to read that? He needs to start, not stop.' Well here's why. Sometimes a book comes along that is so good, so right, so in tune with your own prejudices that you just wish you'd written it yourself. This is that book. It ought to be compulsory reading for all those demented activists out there who think the world might stop if they do.

And so, although a terrible reaction to a sermon is, 'This is good I hope (insert name) is listening', this is my reaction to this book. You should all read it. Even though it might do you good to go to your local bookshop for it, and order it if they haven't got it so you have to visit twice, you can click on the image to buy it from CHP for £6.99.

I dedicate my reading of it to Leamington Spa's Dr Ainsworth who told me to sort my life out rather than giving me a prescription for tranquillizers. He's a Man City fan. He'll be a happy man this week then.

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Martin said...

Sherbourne Medical Centre on Oxford Street. I don't know the place very well, and hope to not get to know it (or its doctors) well over the next many years.