Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

If you pitch up on this blog more than occasionally you probably know that you might get theology, philosophy, mathematics, football punditry, recipes, reviews and just general claptrap (specific claptrap involves research grants). That may be the reason why you call by. You just never know what you're gonna get if you'll excuse my gumpishness.

Today is the day of the family January birthday party. With Jon (May) and Carys (April) in Japan there will be nine of us for lunch and the four who do not have a birthday in January will drink the health of the five who do.

It's a bit of a challenge, January and has required careful budgeting to cope with that plus the car insurance renewal, six monthly tax instalment, new teeth and a holiday coming up, so the expression 'Your round' might tip everything. It's rich that later today I will be encouraging everyone to renew their financial commitment to our church. Give me all your money. Oh sorry isn't that how it works?

The only one of the five birthdays for which I can claim any responsibility is the one on the 31st of the month. It (now known as 'he') was due on 21/1/80 and Mrs T held on for ten days in response to her late Dad's specific request not to give him 'another bloody January birthday.' I was told that I could take time off for the birth but to avoid the last day of the month if possible as I hadn't, at that stage, trained anyone to do the end of month returns. We fell short by eight and a quarter hours. Happy birthday Ben (31/1). Lateness is clearly genetic.


Ali said...

Happy January birthday to all your January birthdays from another January birthday!

Cosmo said...

...And another January birthdayee! (19th)

Anonymous said...

Our month is March, with 7th 2 on 9th, 2 on 25th, 29th and 31st. Then when my daughter and niece got married guess what? ... one on 8th and one on 10th!
The January and April birthdays feel hard done by.