Saturday, December 15, 2007


A pause please. A brief contemplation of a time when all is well. The fleeting moment when the scenery glimpsed through the car window matches the music on the stereo and becomes a personal video. You see, we are top of the league. Who?

Well in 1967 I started supporting West Bromwich Albion and, as of lunchtime today, their early kick-off and victory over third placed Charlton took them above Watford, perhaps only momentarily, to top.

In 2000, unable to get to many West Brom games because of their constantly-changing start times and comparative popularity, I started attending the newly reformed Leamington FC. They are top of their league.

Moving to Nailsea in 2006 I felt that occasional visits to my local team were in order. Nailsea United FC are top of their league. Three teams; three tops. Top that.


Caroline Too said...

Being from Croydon, I've suffered many years of grim determination and hope, supporting Crystal Palace... not top but less bad that a few weeks ago...

working now at the Open University in Milton Keynes, I'm growing strangely fond of MKDons... who are top

but the one that really puzzles me, started a few years ago. I was surfing the web and thought that I'd look up my old home town, Warlingham in Surrey. One of the hits was Warlingham Rugby Football Club, who were top of the table, got promoted that year and are near the top of the next division up...

but for the life of me I can't work out why I still care about a very minor rugby club in the London West div 4 who are about 120 miles from where I live, with no chance (or desire) to go and see them... why? oh wise st, can you explain the mystery why we care about strange teams?

St said...


Wise St.

St said...


Wise St.

Mike Peatman said...

Boing, or words to that effect.

Still have the strange hope that Forest get promoted this season, but not quite sure why.

At least going to Morecambe matches makes some geographical sense!