Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Design Fault

It's an annual event. We have a combi oven which is a microwave and grill. We use it for toast most mornings. Two minutes each side is about right and uses the same energy as a toaster and less than a gas grill once you take into account warming up.

You set the dial to two minutes and press grill then shut the door.

You press grill.

Once a year I press microwave. After about 45 seconds the kitchen is filled with the smoke from toast cooking from the inside and the rubber supports of the grill mesh also being microwaved.

I have a design fault. At this time of year I should have a reading on my forehead saying 'Full.' Any further piece of information inserted into me causes one other one to fall out the other side. Stop imagining quite how or where that happens, it's not edifying.


Anonymous said...


It's not you with the design fault but the oven manufacturers. I always try and teach my engineering teams to recognise the fact that consumers / product users are, unlike engineers, basically stupid half wits and will do silly things like press the wrong button, hit the accelerator and not the brake etc.

A sensible design engineering team will have recognised that Mr Toast-Maker will have momentary lapses of concentration and hit the wrong button resulting in things being zapped and not baked, therefore the toasting rack should have been made from microwave friendly materials.

Their fault, not yours.

I will now retreat a safe distance and repeat the mantra "Out! Out! You demons of stupidity" It doesn't work but it makes me feel better.


Graham D.

St said...

Thank you Graham for calling me a stupid half-wit in a way that made it sound almost pleasant. God bless you sir.