Friday, December 07, 2007

Bumper Stickers

Actually they're more window than bumper these days. Anyone out there ever found one amusing twice? Baby on board has been around so long I'm half expecting to see Baby grew up and borrowed the car stickers.

Anyway tonight, driving a couple of junctions of the M5 south back from the retail experience of Cribbs Causeway (got in, picked up, pulled out, 45 minutes job done now that's what I call Christmas shopping), I saw a Suzuki with these three stickers on display in the rear window:

  • Nympho on board
  • Bitch on board
  • Disabled passenger

I could only see one person in the car so, disabled nympho-bitch, did any of the three cause any of the other three? I only ask. I hope you meet your dream partner, presumably an able-bodied masochist with Olympian energy-levels. Doesn't Ronaldo advertize Suzukis?


Andy said...

I know it's very non-PC in Christian circles but I must admit to chortling when I first saw the christian fish symbol with legs and the word 'darwin' inside it...!!!

Mike Peatman said...

So did I, Andy. I want one with 'angler'.

Andy said...

Even better....!!!