Saturday, December 29, 2007


Not sure we can apologise on behalf of all sane Christians everywhere - you probably wouldn't believe us when we tell you we are not alone - but two stories in yesterday's Guardian lead us to attempt such.

Headline one, and the story adds nothing, is 'Priest sued over seminar 'curing' homosexuality.'

Headline two says, 'Deacons and priests clash.' This latter story is simply a captioned picture of a load of robed guys in a church having a bit of a stand-off with sticks. The caption says, 'Greek Orthodox deacons and Armenian priests fight with broomsticks during the annual cleaning of the church of the nativity in Bethlehem after the deacons wanted to place a ladder over the Armenian part of the church.'

Neither of these stories is a spoof.

Just so you know, Mustard Seed Shavings does not believe homosexuality is an illness and does not think fighting is appropriate in church buildings.


Doug Chaplin said...

Glad to hear it!

Thanks for the refernce to the Grauniad story:
"In his family, he said, he reinforces masculine roles by watching professional wrestling with his two sons."

You couldn't make this stuff up :-)

fotofill said...

It's okay. We are all in the dark anyway...shhhhhh.

Mr Gnome said...

Mr Gnome is keen to re-inforce breezily masculine attitudes.

What could be more testosteronically transformative than watching a pair of burly blokes in briefs as they grunt and grapple.