Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thinking Different

I gather from some colleagues that when our Diocese (Bath and Wells) introduced its current Changing Lives project there was much discussion as to whether the slogan should be:

1. Thinking Different
2. Thinking Differently.

First time I have heard a debate break out over the status of a slogan's omitted words. Were they, 'Is your...?' in which case you'd need choice 1 or 'Are you...?' which would require choice 2.

Would make fun of other straps though, wouldn't it?

(We're not) always cutting prices
I'm lovin' it (When McDonalds close down)
Every little helps (our shareholders get richer)

I'm sure this will be a red rag to you bulls out there. Come on.


Anonymous said...

Ah - the problem is that 'thinking different' is part of a quote from an American theologian. End everyone knows Americans don't speak English!


Mike Peatman said...

(Can you) Taste the Difference (?)