Wednesday, November 14, 2007


There is an old joke in Christian circles, which ought to be banned through overuse but some speakers still use it without shame. If anyone in their congregation laughs it is out of sympathy not hilarity.

Minister goes into Sunday School and asks the children, 'What's grey, has a big bushy tail and gathers nuts to eat?'

Kid says, 'Well I know the answer should be Jesus but it sure sounds like a squirrel to me.'

Ever since then I have called those questions we ask with an obvious answer, 'squirrel' questions.

Last night at the pub quiz the question came up, 'In which county was Cheddar cheese first produced?' International readers need to know that Cheddar is just down the road, in this county, in which I sit and type. It is as famous for its local cheese as, say Brie or Stilton.

So it was real funny to hear snatches of conversation from around the pub going, 'It can't be Somerset; it's far too obvious.'

It was a squirrel. You need more than brains to win the pub quiz.


Phil G said...


editorial comments always welcome, unique or otherwise... (!?)

hope you're keeping well.

Phil G

Andy said...

Q - How do you stop a dog digging in your garden?

A - Take away its spade.

St said...

I posted a comment on Phil's blog so he randomly replies in an unrelated post on mine. He's an important diocesan official too. SFB if you ask me.