Thursday, November 15, 2007

Plastic Bags

Boris Johnson has weighed into the bag-banning argument and, as usual, writes exceptionally well.


Martin said...

less shopping bags -> more bin liners purchased.

I really don't see the point in banning them when people reuse them.

david said...

I recycle my 'free' supermarket carrier bags as poop scoopers while walking the dog. However, not all stores' bags are suitable. Morrisons bags are semi-transparent, and nobody really wants to see the dog faeces you are carrying around. Tesco & Sainsbury usually have holes punched in their bags, so you can end up with excrement on your fingers. Somerfield's are just the job (no pun intended), as they tend to ber slightly smaller in size and have no holes.

Ali said...

I can comment on this one with some experience. Here in Northern Ireland we were part of a pilot by M&S to do away with plastic bags. For weeks before hand, they gave out larger, thicker 'bags for life'. Then they started charging for plastic bags - 10p a bag I think.

Have to say it has been a resounding success. Now, having had about a million of the Tesco variety stored up, I haven't run out of bags to line my bin yet, and I don't have a dog, so I'm doing OK.

Tescos encourage me to use my bags for life by giving me green points (are they like the old green shield stamps??) but I can still get plastic bags for free there, so when I'm down to my last binliner all I need do is pick one up at Tesco.

Yes, its not eliminating my use, but rest assured it has DRAMATICALLY reduced it.

Surely thats good