Sunday, November 18, 2007


I know a guy used to sell stuff. Big, expensive stuff that solved people's business problems. He had monthly targets of six figure sums. He also used, as a technique, to achieve his target with one big sale rather than a lot of little ones.

One month his sales, using his method, moved from nil to salesperson of the month in the last hour of the final day before reporting.

The guy beaten into second place, whose total had crept up day on day, said, 'You're a lucky so and so D.'

The MD, happening to be walking into the room that moment said, 'Who? Introduce me to my lucky salesman.' All things being equal he wanted, and I want, to work with lucky people.

I think Steve McClaren may be a lucky international football manager. Find out Wednesday in the next exciting instalment. I think my wife may be hoping that next year's summer holiday isn't going to be spent watching football in bars so she might be praying the opposite to me.

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