Thursday, November 22, 2007


After a few weeks of itching (on the back Mrs, on the back) I finally succumbed to the possibility that what I had might not be simply eczema and popped along to the doctor. My regular doctor (OK, I saw her once a year ago) was not there and I was seen by a delightful young woman not a day over 14 (or am I getting... no can't be that).

I'm always slightly wary when doctors seem interested in your symptoms - makes you feel you are in for a long term relationship until parted by death - but I needn't have worried. I simply have classic symptoms.

Did a patch start itching before the rest of the spots? Yes.
Are they mainly on the upper body? Yes.
Are they in a vague Christmas tree formation? Yes.
Are the secondary patches of itching all smaller than the first? Yes.
Are they oval? Yes.
Are they very itchy and a bit (sorry about this) scaly? Yes.

Bingo. I win pityriasis rosea, possibly a virus and maybe just a something else she said, which begins with a herald patch ('Good news, good news to you I bring, in six weeks time your back will sting') which will clear itself up in 6-8 weeks (that will be this weekend then). HC45 cream twice a day will control the itching.

Knowing what's wrong almost cures you doesn't it? I feel fine now.


david said...

Good job you weren't at the HT 10.30 last service last Sunday as the sermon went into some detail about leprosy - could have made you paranoid!

Phil G said...

did you have to go back to the doctor for the fall?


Mike Peatman said...

Does this mean the doctor was scratching where you itched?

Ali said...

How contagious is this virus? Could I get it from visiting your blog??

St said...

Not contagious at all.

Anonymous said...

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mark noel