Monday, November 12, 2007


I'm particularly grateful to two people, neither of whom has sought recognition but they know who they are and will recognise themslves.

Person one took a moment at the start of Trendlewood Sunday morning to ask me if I was OK and was I doing too much? The answer, as I think you may have gathered over the last few weeks, is that I am too busy but I am also OK. It is possible to turn the volume up to 11, crank the energy levels up to whatever is the next step and generally work flat out for a while but you have to remember to turn the dials back down again. I have two much quieter weekends than I've had for a while coming up, but it was good to be asked.

Why not ask your vicar today if they are doing too much?

Person two spoke to me after we had finished and asked if they could take responsibility for a whole something rather than the half I had allocated them. I was so excited I almost forgot to say yes.

Thanks both. Appreciate it.

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