Monday, October 01, 2007


Do you remember that Irish folky poppy band consisting of three attractive women who sang, played fiddles and drums, plus a feller (brother?) who made up the numbers. Someone told me he had left. Does that make him a rebel without The Corrs?


Chemical said...

groan ........... too early in the morning ;-)

Chemical said...

Another one for you:

Oxo are bringing out a cube to commemorate Ireland's performance in the Rugby World Cup.

They are calling it Laughing Stock

Mike Peatman said...


that's terrible.

Steve said...

What do you call cheese that's not your?

Nacho Cheese!

Mike Peatman said...

Which beer describes a false narrative?

Light ale

Anonymous said...

Rory said:

Why are pirates called 'pirates'?

Because they arrrggghhh!