Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Driving into Bristol yesterday from Cribbs Causeway I stopped at some traffic lights at Westbury-on-Trim. On the grass verge, sitting in the autumn afternoon sun catching some rays and watching the traffic go by, was a beautiful, healthy looking, urban fox. Brazen. I almost felt if I got out of the car and stroked it this would have been acceptable. I love sharing my city with other creatures. Except pigeons. Oh and cats (their relatives I guess). And rats (but maybe foxy would eat ratty, please say yes).

Still it was a lovely moment. All the better for the fact that as I glanced at the other drivers in the queue none seemed to have registered their watcher. All were engrossed in being ready for the lights to change.

Time and again our Bibles tell us that if we want to know what God is up to we should look. The solution to seeing God is not more prayer, or more work, but more observation.

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david said...

Yes, foxes do eat rats, although I suspect that in Bristol their diet will consist mostly of fast food left overs.