Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Forgive me

Long standing readers will be aware that sometimes I post because I genuinely have something to say, sometimes when I have something to point out or a link to refer you to and sometimes, like now, when I am finding it hard to get going on something else.

I am not particularly behind in my work but there are things which, if not achieved today, will make the rest of the week harder. Nevertheless...

I cannot go out and visit for I have a fixed time in which the washing-machine repair man (it is a man, I've met him, his name is Alan) will visit to tell me what an AEG error report C9 means. I imagine it means £50 -£100 but that is simply a wild guess. Currently it means that last night's washing remains unspun.

The experience of the four new events in the last three weeks was good but yesterday morning felt a bit like a post-mountaintop experience. I had a ticket to a gig last night but my companion was taken ill so I went alone and the band (Maps) were disappointing. Today I just feel sort of grey, as does the weather.


Andy said...

I'm going to seem like a geek but Error C9 means a fault in the motor, carbonbrushes or tachogenerator broken down.

St said...

Thanks geeky boy. AEG user manuals don't allow us mortals to fiddle with errors other then C1 or C2 so Alan Brown - no call out charge, same day visit - called(www.alanbrowndomestic.co.uk) and youw were right he had to replace the badly worn brushes and I was right £78.

Since Alan is also a lovely man and member fo a local chruch he also helped me plan the carol service while he was working. Result.