Monday, September 17, 2007

We Don't Know What We're Doing

The other book I read last week whilst on holiday was Adrian Chiles' wonderful hymn to the people who support the Baggies.

It is not a football book with Hornbyesque anorakness about stats and stuff. In fact when Chiles meets a guy who can tell him which minute the Albion scored their goals in all the matches he's ever seen ever he stands amazed.

West Brom have never ceased to amaze me. For instance last Saturday they narrowly won 4-0, hanging desperately on to a 1-0 lead for the whole of the second half and then scoring three in the last three minutes. That's my team. Currently they have failed to concede a goal at home for hours and hours but I once saw a losing run of 12 games and 1 point from a possible 42. It was off Wolves though.

No, it is a description of the people (including the real people behind the pundits, did you know Alan Hansen can't find his way around Liverpool?) who follow the Baggies and Chiles travels to matches with them, shares their family joys and pain and tries, with much success, to get under their skin. It is a tale of real (someone dies) and virtual (relegation) bereavement in season 2005/6.

Football widows should read it. They may begin to understand life in all its fulness.


Kathryn said...

As one with less than no knowledgde of this whole world, perhaps you could advise me Steve...Is this so widely publicised and marketted that buying it for my boss, an ardent WestHam fan, is bound to be simply duplication...or might he be pleased, excited etc?

St said...

He might enjoy it since Adrian Chiles is the presenter of Match of the Day 2 on a Sunday evening.