Thursday, September 27, 2007

On Pumpkins

This is a discussion starter right. I'm not sure I have a view on what I'm going to ask. But it's this.

At Christmas time we are often heard to complain, as Christians, that the commercialisation of the season robs it of its special nature. 'Put Christ back into Christmas' we say, or some do anyway.

At Halloween time we are often heard to complain, as Christians, that the commercialisation of the season gives more importance than is safe to its special nature. 'Say no to trick or treat' we say, or some do anyway.

Is this inconsistent?


Mike Peatman said...

Yes, but... is my immediate answer! My biggest problems with all the halloween nonsense are: small kids out late in the dark & large amount of non bio-degradable plastic crap used for one day and then thrown away.

I'm a biy sceptical that it recruits large numbers for 'the dark side'.

Tim Sudworth said...

my biggest problem is, as a parent u spend most of the year telling children to not accept sweets off strangers then for one day a year - Go for it kids let strange people give you sweets!

fotofill said...

I think its an ideal time to teach people about the positive message of Christianity rather than the negative. "We could have's" rather than the "We should nots."

dmk said...

What is it exactly that we should put back into Halloween?

The hall?
The hallow?
The ow?
The wee?

I can see how we put the 'ow' back into halloween by being ready for trick or treaters with a large cricket bat, though I'm a bit concerned about what people will do on my front garden if I campaign for no. 4

What do you mean I'm not taking this debate seriously?

Chemical said...

To me it's all about keeping things measured and in perspective.

I love all the glitz and glamour surrounding Christmas, but as a Christian, I understand fully the underlying and real implications of a very unglitzy, unglamourous stable scene that is the 'reason for the season'.

And by the same token, I don't believe that dressing my children up as witches or pumpkins or whatever is tantamount to selling their souls (or mine) to the devil. I'm celebrating a festival that is part of our society, not subscribing to a cult.

So long as I am confident in my personal faith, why shouldn't I enjoy celebrating these occasions with the rest of society?

david said...

Last year I tried asking trick or treaters if they knew what Halloween actually meant. None of them were aware that is was All Hallows Eve, i.e. the day before All Saints day.

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