Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I was a late arriver at the Alpha Ball but over the last five years have seen it make a tremendous difference to many lives.

The way I do it is slightly more explorative than some. We set out the mainstream Christian material, point out where others differ, field questions and discuss them, all with no pressure to sign up for church or anything like.

It is a remarkable opportunity. I've put a bit of a nag here on Trendleblog to my church folk to come along (with friends) but its concerning me a bit that the take up is slow.

If you pray then that would be a good thing to do please. If you have been meaning to sign up but haven't got round to it please calm my nerves by filling out a registration form. If you have been planning to bring a guest don't put off inviting them for a day longer.

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Chemical said...

I'll pray!