Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things they never told me at college

OK there's lots of them but I mean things they never told me that may one day prove essential for parish ministry. Other clergy friends may want to add to the list but simply from this week:

1. The bride and groom may not want to kneel if they are being married in flip-flops.
2. Financial negotiating skills.
3. Just exactly how many chairs I would end up moving in my life.
4. You'll feel vaguely guilty if you are not working during the day, especially if someone sees you not apparently working.
5. Wandering around being nice, kind and polite to people will set you apart from most ministers people have experienced. (Isn't that sad?)
6. When not to intervene. There are some problems that get better if ignored.


Chemical said...

The ones that go married in the flip flops, they weren't by any chance the same ones who had the Wurzuls tribute band?

St said...

No, the Wurzel marriage has happened already but the flip-flop one is tomorrow.

Apparently Californians call flip-flops 'thongs.' It is a Californian who is being married so I could check everyone has their thongs and pants on before we start.