Monday, August 20, 2007

Connect 4

We bought a giant Connect 4 to play in the garden but haven't been in the garden since last week due to the cold and wet. I challenged Mrs T to a game and she accepted. Well shiver me timbers. We never play games and that may be one of the secrets of a long and happy marriage. I am a terrible winner. Apparently I pull a particular face.

But she won. Double shiver. She won fair and square. She won because her strategy was so rubbish I missed it whilst trying to be complicated.

And now she doesn't believe me. 'You let me win,' she complains. And I can't convince her. I didn't want to lose. I didn't try to lose. I could still win by saying that I tried to lose. But I didn't really. Honestly. Look I even blogged it. I wouldn't lie to that audience.

Do you believe me?

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