Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Annoying Adverts 2

OK so borrowing 25 grand over the phone is possible these days, and the everywoman Geordie housewife on the phone to Picture seems to be able to manage her life, find her kid's bike and organise everything around her including an incompetent husband, whilst sorting out a loan. The really irritating thing though is the line, 'That's much less than we're paying at the moment.'

You don't get owt for nowt, as they say somewhere north of here. It's much less per month than she's paying at the moment because they just spread the payment over a longer period and tied her in to credit repayment for years.

We've been there, done that and tattered the tshirt. It is very annoying.


Andy said...

I'm not stalking your advert reviews, I swear.

Saw a t-shirt once that I loved. It was black with a white time-line on it. On the left of the time-line it had "born" a few cm on it had "take out loan", a few more on it had "die" then all the way over to the right it had "pay off loan".

But then, that's the spirit of the age, isn't it. Put off everything till tomorrow :(

St said...

Good call. Stalk on. It's a new sort of credit scheme - buy now; leave us the money in your will.

fotofill said...

What it also says in the small print that if you borrow 25k over that period you pay back 43K! Score!