Sunday, August 12, 2007

Annoying Adverts 1

I've meant to do a short series on this for a while now. Of course to some extent all adverts are annoying in that they pander to the idea on which our economy is built that we should all spend more money regardless. What about spending less money, having less money, working less hard and having more time for relationships? Sorry, digression.

But the first in the series is the one in which a teenager gets into his mother's car and continues concentrating on his game device. The conversation goes:

Mum. Hi Tom.
Tom. (No reaction)
Mum. Oh hi Mum, good day? Yes thank you Tom. I switched our car insurance (pause) online.

What we are meant to think is that the AA dudes, who are suited up and in the back of the car, are ever present to cope with our car insurance needs and save us money. What we end up thinking is:

What parent thinks their teens will be interested in car insurance?
Why are we supposed to be impressed that a forty year old woman did something online?
Why is a thirteen year old boy getting a lift home from school?
Who really still bases their caricatures of teens on Harry Enfield's Kevin and Perry these days?

For a short commercial to be annoying on four levels is really going some.

Tomorrow. The Geordie housewife who allegedly borrows 25 grand over the phone.

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Andy said...

Oh so many annoying adverts - so little time. The AA get my vote for the most annoying advert of the year - the one where they all sing "You just call out my name", yet they shave a bar off of every line - so that it no-longer matches the rhythm of the tune we are all singing in our heads. Makes me want to sign up for green-flag there and then!