Saturday, July 21, 2007

Skate Competition

Great to pop up to the Millennium Park just now and learn a bit of skate language. 'He's got good street legs' was my favourite. The church-sponsored Nailsea Skate Competition was buzzing with drum & bass and full of skate related activity (falling over/face-painting/eating burgers go figure).

Good to see a youth event run where the under twelves get a fair crack of the whip and everyone respects their time on the ramps.

Youth worker Mark has had his face painted like a ninja. No comment.

Whilst I am not convinced that weather is always the first thing to be worried about the five hour dry window this afternoon was nothing short of miraculous. They tell me skating in the rain is pretty dodgy.


Alastair Gregg said...

I think if i was to attempt any kind of skating, i would end up with 'red face paint' applied using the pavement.

Steve said...

Sounds really sick man. (That's a good thing if you're confused.)

Matthew P said...

Sounds great, dude.

Bo diggidy.

(Not really sure what that means, but hopefully it's not too offensive.)