Thursday, July 26, 2007


I don't read Harry Potters when they come out. I read them just before the film comes out. I'm a bit behind and powering through HP and the Order of the Phoenix so I can go to the already-released movie, perhaps tomorrow if I read fast.

Today set up a debate this morning beteen Will Self ('My nine year old was bored by the book') and John Sutherland who was more encouraging about it ('I need the dictionary when I read Will Self').

In HP5 we get this... ''I listen Ron,' said Hermione, with a touch of asperity.' Well I had to look it up. Did you? Shan't be trying any Will Self for the moment.

Nice to hear Evan Davis on Today. He cool.


Chris said...

I would probably have needed to, had I read it, but I haven't read any of them. Just caught up on the other films this week though. I'd seen 1 through 3, but not 4. Emma had not seen 3, so we watched 3 and 4 Monday and Tuesday evenings respectively!

We probably won't see 5 at the cinema, but you never know. Will be interesting to see how Hermione says that line if it made the film...!

Mike Peatman said...

Agree about Evan Davis.

Saw the HP5 film last night, having just finished book 7. The plot-line does join up, and a couple of moments in the film had new significance, knowing the ending. However, I shall say no more re book 7.

The new movie is interestingly paced, and omits a lot, yet retains all the essentials. It doesn't dwell on any scenes or events longer than it absolutely has to.