Monday, July 09, 2007


A moment's silence please. My spies out there in the real world tell me Fopp! has gone into administration. Let us hope some Russian oil billionaire wants to buy something other than a footie club. Or does anyone out there want to buy it? I'll help in any way I can.


Anonymous said...

Sad to say it is true. What I often considered to be the best boys shop in town has now closed.

Excuses have been given but the real reason is the FOPP concept was grown too quickly and suffered from "terminal indigestion".

I, like you, hope the stores can be rescued and relaunched with the brand growing a little more cautiously and steadily than before.

Instead of one minute's silence I propose "one hour's noise" of the Fall or other CD purchased for a mere fiver.



Mike Peatman said...

Oh no, they'll never make it to Lancaster now.

I'll have to stick with

St said...

Good idea Graham. I'm off to play Grinderman at full volume.

Martin said...

St, a question. Do you remember Fopp on Regent Street? You see, that is the Fopp store which I truly mourn; the Fopp with interested, knowledgeable staff, who made recommendations and drew you into new music. They lost that half way through their second store when they lost half their staff and moved the CD back catalogue upstairs, halving the size of both the CD and Vinyl back catalogues. Bargains are good, but not as good as what they had before!

St said...

My earliest memory of Fopp! Leamington Spa is of the shop next door to Starbucks, always packed and with a central staircase which, if you used the handrails, knocked over all the stock on the ground floor shelving.

But you are right about the staff.

Mike Peatman said...

They had recently bought out Music Zone, who did have a store in Lancaster. What a shame we will never benefit from their presence.

Jonathan Potts said...

No! Even though most of my student loan went straight to the Fopp bank account? Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Why couldn't HMV and Virgin Megastore die instead?