Thursday, May 10, 2007


When I moved back to full-time parish work I gave up the two days a week I had spent freelancing as a writer for the previous four years. I kept a couple of minor contracts to 'keep my hand in' but by and large saw my writing as a hobby from now on.

At my licensing the Bishop, much to my surprise, said he'd heard that I was a feelance writer and encouraged me to carry on.

Seemed a bit weird encouraging someone at the start of their employment to do another job too. Still I took it as a blessing to do some occasional work and in fact I find the two disciplines do inform each other. I'm a better writer for being a clergyman and having some things to write about; I'm a better clergyman for writing reflections on what I do.

Today is the first full day I've set aside for writing in six months and I've done some 11-14s material. It was hard to crank up the typing speed again but I managed 4000 words which is OK. I could do 5000 when on a roll.

My neck is stiff, one sick visit was crammed in on the way to the shops (sorry Matt - will do longer next week) and I'm tired. Have the evening off. OK then, thanks.


Mike Peatman said...

Steve Tilley refers to himself as a clergyman. You heard it here first

chris said...

You were sick on the way to the shops?

WW said...

Talking of writing:

The Police - Synchronicity (1983)
Track - Oh My God:

Everyone I know is lonely
And God is so far away,
And my heart belongs to no one,
So now sometimes I pray
Please take the space between us
And fill it up some way.
Take the space between us
And fill it up some way.

Take the space between us
And fill it up some way.
Take the space between us
And fill it up some way.

Quoted by Steve Tilley - August 1984. Clarendon. Never forgotten.

In a human sense my heart and love is with my family, but spiritually this is finally my prayer for today.

Mike Peatman said...

I think I may have been on that venture in 1984. Do I know you, Wantage Wanderer?

St said...

Mike you were at that venture because it was the talk in which I asked you to explain simply the difference between a saturated and unsaturated fat.

It was Clarendon B, July 1984.

Other quotes were from Elton John. Howard Jones and Psalm 100.

Oh the joy of a good filing sytem. 23 years on and he gets the notes out.

WW said...

Oh dear, it's very bad form to comment on a blog anonymously so please forgive me for that. I think I was wanting to do 2 things: firstly to admit to myself that I an really asking for faith, and secondly to let you know that sometimes part of talks and sermons do live in people's minds for a very long time.

I am impressed with the filing and retrieval system! I presume the Howard Jones was something to do with "what is love?" and "does anybody love anyone anyway?" etc, but I am stuggling as to what Elton John may have sung about relevant to faith!

St said...

If there's a god in heaven,
What's he waiting for?
If he don't hear the children
Then he must see the war
But it seems to me
That he leads his lambs
To the slaughter house
Not the promised land
(Elton John, 'If There's a God in Heaven' from Blue Moves)

So WW, what's your big question. Ask it and my readers and I will grapple

WW said...

Steve, there are so many issues and thoughts. The largest issue is faith itself - what do I believe? I am on the verge of faith. It's as if I can almost taste it but cannot quite reach it. There are many thoughts and aspects of my life pulling towards it, and many barriers holding me back too. I have been on a long journey of small steps.

I think the detail is too personal for a blog, and perhaps I should contact you privately. If that;s OK by you.

St said...

Delighted. remember to use an ampersand (@) instead of at. Putting your email address on a blog is a good way to generate spam, thus my convoluted avoidance tactics.