Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Morning

I have discovered a new use for Radio 4's Sunday morning service at 8.00 a.m. I usually get up first (of two) on a Sunday and whilst sorting out washing and unloading dishwashers which have been working their technological magic on my dirt during the night I usually think in silence. Then I make coffee, sometimes putting on a tune to pick me up.

Today, with a slight change of routine caused by having 18-23 guests to lunch today, but still more by accident than anything else (or did I psychologically wish it was another day of the week?), I put on the Radio.

I now recall why I haven't done this for the last twenty three years but now wish I had. Somewhere in the midst of worship from a small, unheard of presbyterian community came an act of worship so appallingly not me that I found it in myself to commit my soul to a Sunday here. Here is lovely, people are supportive, Sunday worship is developing and I can imagine, one day, going to an act of worship I totally engage with (no-one else would come but that's another matter). Thanks dreadful church somewhere in Ireland. You have enthused me afresh. No disrespect intended. Just don't like the way you do what you do.

I will make this part of my Sunday routine in future. Whatever the day throws at me it can't be any worse than la di da Radio 4 morning services with its singy songy ministers' voices, its choral ghastliness and overwhelming theme of, well, worthiness. Yukk.

To work.


Caroline said...

They are excruciating sometimes aren't they? I think that I cringe most when they try to up date prayers and make them deal with more modern issues

it's worthy but just not of this planet

Caroline Too

Chemical said...

Another ‘nil points’ for Ireland this week then!!

First of all, I should point out that, as a member of an Evangelical Non-Denominational church (did I see you roll your eyes??!) I am very much with you in the ethos of this article. But I was interested to establish which 'dreadful church somewhere in Ireland' (no disrespect taken) had been broadcast nationwide today.

I didn't hear the programme this morning, like you I avoid them like the plague, so I can't comment on the specifics of the service. However I notice that the 'Very Reverend Dr' who led the service has always been a bit of a controversial figure locally, being a bit too ecumenical in a province steeped in political and religious tradition, and more recently because of his role as independent witness to IRA decommissioning. Personally, I tend to find that when local clergy step over the demarcation line into politics, that's were it all starts to go wrong.

Anyway, every cloud has its silver lining, and it's good that when we get complacent about our own church, we are duly reminded just how fortunate we really are not to be going to someone else’s!

Luke said...

Having forgotten to turn my alarm off one Sunday I discovered this Sunday morning delight. They are very hit and least this morning you could hear (and understand!) the words which were being sung which is rarely the case.

How 'Christian' some of the services are is dubious.

Mike Peatman said...

I totally share your feeling, Steve. They usually make me feel glad not to be there and happy to be here. One recent (rare)exception was the service from Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco - a Catholic church in the middle of the gay community

fotofill said... and you can listen Steve to this service again!!

St said...

What can I say? Your thoughtfulness is without equal.