Thursday, May 17, 2007

Name the Band

Always a fan of terrible puns we begin an occasional series in which you have to work out the name of the band from the word clue. For instance, and here is an easy one:

Thou also?


Mike Peatman said...

Got that one

WW said...

Have you seen Harry and Paul?


Chemical said...

Got this one, a much better example of local talent than Dervish!

Kathryn said...

even i managed...but can you explain why I'm doing this when I have not a word, nor a thought to my name for parish mag letter, whose deadline is pretty much now...aargh

Chris said...

I guessed something earlier, to myself of course, but now I've worked out I was right.


Earlier was too early in the day for me.

Martin said...

I like their song "Grace" (amongst others)

Stewart said...

Easy. Much easier than say, dis-assembling a nuclear weapon.

St said...

OK so too many clues.

Thou = you
Also = too

It's a homophone so youtoo = U2

They will get much harder

Caroline said...

Oh dear, I'm feeling very ashamed...

never could do crosswords


shuffle in embarrassment

Caroline Too