Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Name the Band 8

This is getting to you readers isn't it? Ian MacDonald sends me this one, with the added threat that he has been working on more. Visit his blog or follow the links to his web-site for news of youth ministry in the Diocese of Oxford. Always a treat. Still this may not be:

A somewhat authoritarian command for movement addressed to the gingerbread man with the crumbling leg.

Answer in 24 hours time.


Stewart said...

I really, REALLY, hated this band, and had happily forgotten that they ever existed to blight the face of popular music. Thanks for reminding me.

Mike Peatman said...

Got one idea, but not convinced it's correct

St said...

Limp biscuit, or Limp Bizkit to put it in the nasty 'up wid der kids' way they spell it.

I agree with Stewart. Chocolate St*rfish and the Hot-dog Flavored Water has made it to number one in the most embarrasing 'music' on my shelves, a collection which includes two Bucks Fizz singles which Stewart himself once produced in public to humiliate me so he knows.

The album is completely horrid and I only keep it because I may one day need the Mission Impossible theme tune to accompany some eccesiastical nonsense.

Mike Peatman said...

I was correct. Now I feel cool