Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birth Certificates and Pub Lunches

Delightful walk and pub lunch with new friend John last Thursday, another one who lurks silently (see comments on this post).

As we talked about where we might eat lunch he mentioned a pub where, on certain days, over 50s can get two meals for the price of one. John won't mind me saying that he can probably pass for over 50 without challenge but, having had to produce ID in pubs right up to and even slightly beyond, my 21st birthday I now realise that taking advantage of this offer would probably involve me producing ID once again.

We ended up in a pub called The Dew Drop which is on the A370 between Backwell and Bristol. It is one in a chain of pubs with a forgetable generic name. Had a fine pint of a Marstons' special called Wulvers which I enjoyed drinking as I expect they brewed it especially to go with Wolves promotion push which we terminated on Wednesday.

However the menu, eight sides of A4, which included tapas, pie of the day, various burgers, a wine list and endless steaks and chips, had no sandwiches. From the tapas menu John had mozarella brucetta and I had duck spring rolls. How very Spanish.

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