Friday, May 18, 2007


This would have been cooler if I'd posted it on Ascension Day (that was yesterday, non-church's year-following readers).

Sir Isaac Newton told us why
An apple comes down from the sky
And so to me it's very plain
That other objects do the same
A ball, a brick, a bat, a spanner
All fall down in a similar manner
It is then very clear you see
That he discovered gravity.

I thought I'd let the congregation at the Local Ministry Group Ascension Day evening communion hear it first.

It had been on my mind all day with the juxtaposition of Ascension Day with Melvyn doing Newtonian physics on In Our Time.

Primary school teachers have a lot to answer for. Are there any further verses? Did I remember it right?

Still, what came down had to go up; and goes up must come down.

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