Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As if by clockwork a letter from my tax consultants arrives ready for me to deal with 2006/7. Tax is a horrid thing and nobody likes it much.

I met Mintaplan when I was ordained in 1984. They are a Scottish firm of chartered accountants who specialise in clergy and church worker tax matters. I have used them ever year since.

When I joined them they charged me 10% of what they saved me in year 1 and thereafter a retainer which is now £115.15 including VAT and costs. For a substantial discount they will do a spouse's tax too. They still have a fine introductory offer based on savings made; I just checked.

What it boils down to is my tax matters, as long as I keep good records, take an hour a year to do. Brilliant. This was even the case in my four years as a part-time freelance. I commend them thoroughly. One of the accountants sounds a bit like Jimmy Krankie on the phone.

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