Monday, April 30, 2007


It is getting hot. Warmest, driest April for 300 years so I'm told. Two quick drinks recipes:

1. Coffee left in the cafetiere after breakfast? Refrigerate for a couple of hours then serve mid-morning in a glass mixed 50/50 with cold semi-skimmed milk and finally add two ice cubes.

2. Take a tumbler. Half fill with good orange juice and mix 50/50 with cold tonic water. Serve with ice cubes, a squeeze and a slice, of lemon. Feels like it might be a cocktail but with none of that alcohol malarkey.


Chris said...

I wish I could make something that refreshing sounding out of our work's vending machine... Sadly there's no ice available here, or anything that taste like what it outta.

Mike Peatman said...