Monday, April 23, 2007

Pay it Forward

If any of you haven't seen the film with this title, starring Haley Joel Osment shortly after his Sixth Sense success, then the premise is that if someone does something good to you then you should do something good for someone else. Pay it forward. The movie begins with a guy giving another guy a car for no reason. It's a bit of a turkey otherwise, murdered by the Hollywood inability to avoid one of the two obvious endings.

Five years ago our friends the Jees let us use their house and garden for our Silver wedding anniversary party. They had a big enough house and we didn't. They are also the sort of people you can ask to borrow a house off.

So it was nice, yesterday, to lend our house and garden to some new friends from church to host a family party following a baptism. It was a lovely happy day upon which the sun (and the Son) shone.

On Saturday we left the house for a short while and when we came back it was beautifully reorganised and fridges were full of nice food and drinks. We went out again in the evening and on our return the garden contained a gazebo.

We almost wanted to try leaving again to see if the driveway got weeded.

Now, who else do we owe who doesn't need paying back?


Mike Peatman said...

You often gave me hospitality whe I was a hard-up student, so I'm trying to give a bit back.

Mike Peatman said... others, that is