Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Disposable Poem

The challenge? A poem about food to include the words:

Donkey poo
Knickerbocker Glory
Children no ( I think this may have been a command to some kids rather than a contribution to the poem but it ended up in anyway)
Orange (I know, I know, I explained but they insisted)
Nailsea Basketball

Call me if you will a prankster
But last night I ate a hamster
Made a better start to story
Than a knickerbocker glory

Sadder meals will have to go
Adults yes but children no
They had tummy ache for hours
When they ate my garden flowers

I really don't know what to do
When they dine on donkey poo
And frankly can't digest at all
A full-blown Nailsea basketball

All this food could make me weep
I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep
I counted stations, watched the clock
8, 9 10 and ogogoch

Maybe I could eat some fruit
A remedy that's really cute
Bananas, apples, oranges
Are cures that will take me far

Just before I start to sink
I'm gonna drive myself to drink
A bottle in front of me
Not frontal lobotomy

Not the best of my life but achieved in under 25 minutes which is quite pleasing. May get back down to the days of the ten-minute challenge at Ellesmere CYFA venture, with practice.

1 comment:

Wantage Wanderer said...

The Wantage Wanderer is marginally lost for words in responding to the poem! Eating a basketball is certainly not a square meal. Indeed, likely to lead to both excessive wind and throwing up.