Thursday, February 15, 2007

A bit of introspection - sorry

I don't get depressed. Down a bit for sure. Occasionlly sad such as when dads or dogs died or England lose on penalties. But I've been fortunate in having a fairly upbeat personality by and large and I laugh a lot, often insensitively but you can't have everything.

But it's been a difficult week. Weeks after holidays always are for me. The only person I have known here for more than a few months has been away on a health and safety course and so, after a lovely week's holiday, its been quite weird. There's no getting away from the fact that intimate relationships of mutual self-disclosure take time and seem to take me more time than most. I quite like me now but it's taken a big chunk of my half century to get there.

So Valentine's night was with my second love (football) and my third (ribeye steak) and today I need to deal with that strange mix of too-long hair, a dirty car, a full ironing basket and a nagging toothache in a mouth already full of ulcers which tend to appear when I stop for a week. The natural cycle of my week with day-off Friday has been altered by a funeral at a point too late to do anything about it. An undertaker character in one of my stories once complained that the industry would be made a lot easier by people passing away in chronological order, Monday to Friday only, excluding bank holidays. My industry would be made a lot easier by oh stupid start to a sentence it could go on for ever.

I'm on my fourth hair stylist in four months. The first was rubbish. The second was OK but left the country. The third was marvellous and very gay (we spoke of shoes and nineties pop) but he also left the country and so seconds out, round four with Billy (female I believe) as recommended by Kate (female I'm certain).

I'll be snapping out of it ready for my favourite church staff meeting tonight about which, almost certainly, more tomorrow. Billy. I'm on my way.


Finker said...

I do love the fact that you have a "stylist" rather than a hairdresser/barber etc. Makes you who you are St.

Anonymous said...

My Valentine's Day was spent on an aeroplane, flying to Indonesia, so I didn't even get decent football or food instead (or time with th4e lovely wife). Still, we've decided to postpone Valentine's until I get back home on 28th Feb. At least the flowers will be cheaper, and I've got a couple of weeks to plan the menu.

Who was your hair 'stylist' in Leamington then, st? I'm still to find a good one (the definition of good also meaning reasonably cheap). Yet to try my local, the one opposite the Coventry Arms on Rugby Road (you know, near the best chippy in town).

St said...

Lee at Capelli. And if you do find good and reasonably cheap don't tell anyone in case they realise they can put their prices up. Lee would not fit your definition.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Capelli is where Liz gets her hair done. I don't think we can afford for two of us to go there!

Mike Peatman said...

Agree with Finker's stylist comment. My Valentine's Day included getting Lem-Sip for Debbie and bringing Son home from school as he had thrown up during the third lesson of the day.