Friday, January 05, 2007

Mrs T

My live-in-lover Mrs T is about the most famous non-reader of this blog. It is not that she is ignoring me just that, I think, she feels it is one of those things I do with my little friends which she doesn't do.

Should she ever read this she will discover this small public acknowledgement of good wishes on the occasion of her birthday. This is the 34th time I have celebrated her birthday with her but I think the first when I have had a day off and she hasn't.

Hope you have a nice day Lizzie. Drive carefully. Maybe the other Cargo readers, desperate for snippets of information about what I think she thinks about them, will tell her.

Not telling you how old she is but one short of a full deck might sum it up. Anyway if you read last year's post just add one. Same age as me now. Looking better on it though.


Matthew P said...

Happy Birthday Liz.

p.s. Am I right in thinking that a standard deck only has 22 cards?

Anonymous said...

what a suck up...

Finker said...

a very happy birthday to Mrs T. please x